3 reasons why the Google Pixel 8a is an ideal purchase for me

Google Pixel 8a
3 reasons why the Google Pixel 8a is an ideal purchase for me

The Google Pixel 8a is the new cheap Google mobile that has arrived on the market to stand out for its large number of features, and especially attracts a lot of attention because it comes with the best AI at an unbeatable price. With a unique design, plenty of power, Artificial Intelligence and many innovative functions, the Google Pixel 8a is what you were looking for until now from 549 euros.

You can buy it in up to 3 months without interest from the official website, in installments at another store, and with the possibility of receiving a refund of up to 530 euros when renewing a suitable phone, including the extra 150 euros of promotional value. It will probably be even cheaper with the passage of time with some offer, but the truth is that today it is worth every euro it costs.

Compelling reasons to buy the Google Pixel 8a

You can buy the beautiful Google Pixel 8a in aloe, light blue, porcelain and obsidian colors. Although its price is quite a temptation, it will be much more so when you know everything it offers you, from a 6.1-inch screen with 120 Hz refresh rate and up to 2000 nits to its great power, plenty of battery and great functions.

Plenty of power with the same chip as the Google Pixel 8 Pro

The fact that this cheap mobile phone has the same processor as the best Google mobile phone to date, the Pixel 8 Pro, draws a lot of attention. It has the Google Tensor G3, so it is a mobile phone designed for even the most demanding situations and uses. . You can use it to watch videos, stream or play games. It has 8 GB of RAM.

You will also enjoy the maximum speed and lower latency of 5G, in addition to all the advantages of having such a top Google processor that will allow you to live a unique phone use experience.

Made to last, Google Pixel 8 a with 7 years of updates

One of the most surprising things about a cheap mobile phone is that it offers you at least 7 years of updates with new functions and security improvements. Taking into account that from the moment you take it out of the box you can use Android 14 on this mobile, you have a phone for a while, in fact it will be updated at least until Android 21 which is said to be soon. With this, you will receive all the news and advantages of the Google operating system.

Added to this is a durable design, with a high degree of protection to withstand shocks, splashes of water and IP67 dust. It is the toughest A-series Google device. In addition, it has a huge 4,492 mAh battery for more than a day, and it offers fast and wireless charging so you never run out of battery.

Google AI helps you with everything

Not only does it have Circle to Search, but many other Google functions, and one of its great attractions is the Pixel Camera with Google AI that allows you to take incredible photos and videos and edit them as if it were magic. It has magic eraser for photos and audio, makes blurry photos disappear, highlights what’s important and much more. You will take incredible photos with its 64 MP camera.

But beyond that, it is your perfect personal assistant when managing your calls, planning everything, creating to-do lists and whatever you want. It also translates on the fly, so you don’t miss anything. You will be able to enjoy all this and much more on such a cheap mobile phone. Google has undoubtedly excelled with this phone.


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