Hundreds of Publishing Employees Urge Amy Coney Barrett’s Book Deal Be Cancelled

amy coney barrett

In an open letter to Penguin Random House, hundreds of publishing employees demand that a $2 million book deal for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett be canceled. This is because she voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In April 2021, it was said that Barrett had signed a book deal with Sentinel, which is a branch of Penguin Random House that focuses on conservative literature.

The arrangement was referred to by Barrett’s critics as “a instance where a company has privately supported the eradication of human rights with enormous profits” in an open letter that, as of Friday afternoon, had gathered more than 550 signatories.

The authors of the letter assert that they “care strongly about free expression” and “recognize that harm to a democracy is done not just in the form of censorship, but also in the form of assault on inherent human rights.”

Politico said at the time that Barrett had a deal for a book about how judges shouldn’t let their feelings affect their decisions.

In light of its own history and corporate responsibility obligations, the letter asked Penguin Random House to change its mind about publishing the upcoming book by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

The letter stated that “the decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, which reversed Roe, depended on exactly what Coney Barrett’s book is purported to be about—the function of the judiciary and “how judges are not allowed to inject their personal sentiments into how they decide.” Coney Barrett appears to have done just that, imposing her personal religious and moral agenda on all Americans while using the rhetoric of fairness, and Penguin Random House has agreed to pay her $2 million to do it.

According to the letter, releasing the book would go against both the ethical standards of Penguin Random House and universal human rights.

The letter stated, “This is not merely a book that we disagree with, and we are not arguing for censorship. “Many of us read novels every day that are incongruous with our political views. Instead, in this instance, a company’s outrageous profits were used to secretly finance the erosion of human rights. Coney Barrett is entitled to express herself as she pleases, but Penguin Random House must choose whether to support her views at the expense of human rights in order to boost its profits or to firmly uphold the principles that it so proudly espouses.

Employees of Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Barnes & Noble, and other publishers, writers, and members of the press are among the signatories.

On behalf of the signatories, @publishersbrunch informed Publishers Weekly that the organization “thought it was time to make a statement with the midterms coming up, and the 2024 election approaching.” The voices of radicals (like Amy Coney Barrett) who would happily deny the rights of millions of Americans if given the chance cannot and will not be amplified by us. I’m really happy to see the replies so far and I really hope that this action inspires other people in the business to speak up too!


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