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BRAVO Pay, Hi Everyone! I trust all of you had an incredibly cheerful day! Are you searching for How To Get Bravo Tipping App on IOS and Android and How to Use Bravo Tip or Pay or the survey of this bravo tip or pay application/how to download bravo tip or pay application which assists you with sending cash to any clients who have a record on bravo. bravo application turns out to be extremely famous and moving on account of its great highlights too. here in this article, I will attempt to incorporate how to get or download bravo tipping application or pay on your IOS or Android and how to set up and use it well to send a tip or pay application without any problem.

BRAVO Tip or Pay Review

BRAVO Tip or Pay is an astonishing Finance put together application that is accessible with respect to IOS and android gadgets which assists you with sending cash on the web or Cashless simply by tapping. the principle elements of this application are you can send cash to the clients without asking the email id or portable numbers or client names and you can send Bravo clients cash by utilizing the GPS area highlight in case that individual is close to you and can likewise look through utilizing their Code on Bravo too.

Feautures of Bravo Tip

  • As in the past, pay or get compensated with a tap of a finger. Track down clients via search or QR code.
  • Repeating installments from month to month backers or allies.
  • Store to sell stock, encounters, administrations (actual labor and products).
  • Confirmed client mark of approval for confided in accounts.
  • Payment fraud controls.
  • Day by day dispensing of funds.
  • 24/7 day out help.

How to Use Bravo Tipping app Or Pay

Go to offcial playstore or app store

Type and Search “BRAVO Pay”

Click to “Install” App

Open App and select your pay person just scan and pay

Open app scan your payment card and pay

BRAVO Tipping App or Pay Other Objectives

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