Brooklyn Nets fired Steve Nash seven games into NBA season, with Ben Simmons looking for fourth and fifth coaches.

steve nash fired

Steve Nash fired: Amid the team’s on-court struggles and criticism of star player Kyrie Irving’s off-court behavior, the Nets dismissed Coach Steve Nash on Tuesday.

Sean Marks, general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, has a lengthy history with Nash, a former teammate whom he recruited as coach in September 2020. Marks has claimed that this has made the situation more challenging.

Marks remarked during a press conference before the Nets’ game against the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night, “We both felt that this was time.” It was heading in that direction, and the squad wasn’t performing up to par. It’s safe to say that we’ve lost sight of our objectives.

Despite entering the season with Irving, Kevin Durant, and Ben Simmons, the Nets are among the weakest teams in the NBA with a 2-5 record. Since Irving shared a link to an anti-Semitic movie on social media, the team has also had to deal with backlash over the past week.

Marks said that when he decided to change coaches, he did not get any feedback from the players.

steve nash fired

Nash hasn’t exactly had a fair playing field throughout his two and a half years here, according to Marks. And while he is not to blame for this, I most surely feel some responsibility. Making the roster, employing the staff, and adding players—whether through the draft or free agency—are all very much my job.

Despite never having worked as a head coach or even an assistant, Nash, 48, was hired before to the 2020–21 season. The hire of Nash, a white player, by the Nets over skilled Black coaches drew criticism. The interim head coach for Tuesday’s game against the Bulls will be Jacque Vaughn, an assistant coach for the Nets. When the Nets hired Nash, Vaughn—a Black player—was passed over.

From 1996 to 2014, Nash was widely considered to be one of the finest point guards in NBA history. He earned two MVP awards throughout his illustrious career. At first, he put himself under the tutelage of veterans like Vaughn and Mike D’Antoni, who had previously coached him in Phoenix.

is steve nash fired

The 94-67 record that Nash oversaw for the Nets in little over two seasons is a winning percentage of.584, but they were able to win only one postseason series during that time. Nash posted an appreciation tweet on Tuesday.

“I wish the Nets all the luck in the world, and the Nash’s will be supporting for our team as they turn this season around,” he added. “It was a wonderful experience with many obstacles that I’m immensely grateful for.”

Nash had a rough go of it right from the bat, what with injuries to key players (Durant, Simmons), trades (Simmons in, James Harden out), and Irving missing much of the 2021-22 season due to his reluctance to be inoculated against the coronavirus (local restrictions).

Even though Irving was reinstated in time for the playoffs thanks to New York City’s rule changes, the Boston Celtics swept the Nets in the first round, ending the series in front of thousands of dejected supporters in Brooklyn.

Durant remarked at the time, “We had big aspirations.” Everyone was counting on us to deliver. But throughout the season, several things occurred that threw us off track.

In the summer, Durant approached club management and asked to be traded. Reports from The Athletic state that Durant insisted that Nets owner Joe Tsai pick between him and players like Steve Marks and Steve Nash. Tsai made it clear he was behind the team’s management and coaches by releasing a statement.

In late September, Durant gave in and showed up to training camp with the squad. With Durant, Irving, and Simmons in the starting lineup, expectations were high that the team would be among the most potent in the NBA.

Nets lost five of their first six games this season due to poor play, especially on defense. Marks claimed that after games this season, he felt that the players had not “bought in,” and that he was now looking to find “a leader” whose message would connect with them. He said he had not settled on who will lead the squad as coach and promised to carefully consider all applicants.

We’re not performing to our standards, therefore we’re searching for someone with confidence, charm, and responsibility,” he stated. Consequently, you’re anticipating that this new coach will be able to help this team achieve its full potential.

But the problem with Irving has not been solved by dismissing Nash.

Irving reiterated his backing for the antisemitic film at a contentious press conference on Saturday. On Sunday, he removed a tweet that included a link to the documentary, but he has not apologized since.

After Monday night’s Nets victory against the Indiana Pacers, Irving did not speak to the media despite the presence of numerous supporters wearing “combat antisemitism” T-shirts in the front rows. Marks said he wanted to let “cooler thoughts prevail” and that Irving would not be available to address questions on Tuesday. He added that the club had consulted the Anti-Defamation League for guidance, but declined to specify whether or not Irving was included in those discussions.

“I’m just trying to figure out what my options are,” Marks explained. Bringing the two groups together to see each other’s points of view will be essential. Anyone can find useful information here.


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