Chris Ballard likely return as Colts general manager in 2023.

chris ballard

Chris Ballard: Many wondered if Chris Ballard, the general manager of the Indianapolis Colts, would also be let go when the team parted ways with head coach Frank Reich.

Owner Jim Irsay stated during the news conference on Monday night that he expects Ballard to continue serving as general manager until the 2023 campaign.

Obviously, a HUGE grain of salt should be added to this. Irsay predicted that Matt Ryan will start for at least two years and maybe longer. It persisted for seven games. Irsay said that Frank Reich was secure for the duration of the regular season. Before chris ballard was let go, it lasted a measly two weeks.

Irsay is now supporting Ballard’s return in 2023, but it is obvious that he has been acting rashly when it comes to personnel choices. The most recent illustration is the appointment of Jeff Saturday as interim head coach.

chris ballard has taken a lot of criticism for assembling a team that is now in serious decline. He spent a lot of money on an offensive line that ranks worst in the NFL, and he won’t risk anything on a rookie quarterback, both of which have been disastrous decisions for the team’s future.

The press conference on Monday night chris Ballard just confirmed our worst fears about the depth of the organization’s instability, and suggested that things would rapidly deteriorate before they could improve.

However, it looks like chris ballard will be staying on to lead the team through another offseason.


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