Eagles defeat the Cowboys’ rally to go to 6-0 and win a vital NFC East victory.

Eagles defeat the Cowboys

Eagles defeat the Cowboys: The Dallas Cowboys deserve praise. On Sunday night, they had the option of quitting during the first half.

When the Philadelphia Eagles were up 20-0, they appeared to be cooked. Cooper Rush performed as a reserve. Overall, the Cowboys appeared outmatched on all sides of the ball.

After the break, things started to shift. Dallas reduced Philadelphia’s advantage to 20-17 in the last frame. It appeared as though a stunning comeback was feasible. The Eagles finally had the one lengthy drive they required to win the game.

The Cowboys intended a genuine triumph rather than a morale-booster. The Eagles managed to win 26-17, so they’ll have to settle for the latter. At 6-0, the Eagles are the only unbeaten team in the NFL. After the defeat, Dallas is now 4-2.

The Cowboys should be proud of themselves for managing to claw their way back into the contest. Dallas is aware that Philadelphia will appear again. Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, will have recovered from a thumb injury by then.

Philadelphia most likely doesn’t fear the rematch or any other team at this time.

Cowboys get back in the game

The Eagles struggled to get going in the second half, which gave the Cowboys a chance to retake the lead. Ezekiel Elliott scored a touchdown on a stylish throwback 14-yard run. Early in the fourth quarter, the Eagles’ lead had shrunk to 20-17 when Rush connected with Jake Ferguson for a 7-yard touchdown.

Dallas deserves praise for regaining control of the game, but the Eagles also deserve praise for what transpired after that. Faced with one of the NFL’s top defenses, the Eagles embarked on a 13-play, 75-yard drive. With just over seven minutes remaining, Jalen Hurts connected with DeVonta Smith for a short touchdown, restoring Philadelphia’s 26-17 advantage. Although the two-point attempt was unsuccessful, it appeared that the advantage would be sufficient for the victory. On the following possession, Rush threw an interception, ending the attempt at a comeback.

Philadelphia was at its best during the drive, as seen by the strong first half.

Philadelphia performed flawlessly throughout the first half. Its effectiveness was astonishing. The Eagles are adept at running it. The passing attack now has an intriguing and crucial component introduced by A.J. Brown. Miles Sanders’ 5-yard touchdown run opened the scoring. On third-and-3, Brown converted a 15-yard catch and ran for a score to make it 14-0.

Dallas has had a strong defense all season, but Philadelphia easily cut through it before halftime. Right tackle Lane Johnson in particular, who played well for the Eagles, forced Cowboys linebacker and NFL Defensive Player of the Year front-runner Micah Parsons to leave the game in the first half before suffering a concussion.

One of the reasons the game began to improve was Johnson’s injury. Parsons started to influence things. The offense of the Cowboys warmed up.

It’s a rare game when both teams can enjoy themselves afterward. When it appeared like they might lose, the Cowboys fought back and kept the game close. If Prescott is healthy, they should be optimistic about the rematch on December 24. They’ve battled hard against Rush, earned some victories, and ought to believe they can advance once Prescott returns.

However, what’s more significant is that the Eagles won and proved to the NFL why they’re 6-0.

Eagles defeat the Cowboys – Eagles move to 6-0

Nobody will recall the Eagles nearly blowing a lead on Sunday night. It only matters that they are 6-0 and have a two-game lead over the Cowboys. With a 5-1 record, the New York Giants command attention in the NFC East contest. It will be interesting to watch if their strong start continues. Eagles vs. Giants isn’t until December.

Dallas must be pleased with their position after six games. When they were 0-1 and Prescott was scheduled for thumb surgery, it appeared that they may not matter when their quarterback returned. However, they had a respectable effort in Philadelphia and won four straight games.

The Eagles are a better team than the Cowboys without Prescott. With the exception of a few NFL clubs, Philadelphia is in a different league this year. The Eagles have won the right to be the last unbeaten team in the league. The season got off to a strong start. How will the Cowboys and Prescott compare? In a few months, hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to see.

If the Cowboys remain competitive in the NFC East battle until then, the rematch in late December will be intriguing.


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