EYE CANDY Madonna stuns fans in topless Instagram photos

madonna topeless photo

MADONNA released topless photos to Instagram in her sauciest shoot yet. In her least sexy shoot yet, MADONNA shocked her fans by posting a series of topless photos to Instagram.

The Material Girl singer astounded her 18.6 million followers by posing in tights and a corset while leaving nothing to the imagination.

With just two emojis to conceal her endowments, Madonna, 63, knelt down in front of the camera and exposed her naked chest.

The pop star then took another picture while raising her arms over her head and flaunting her chest in front of her followers.

She avoided violating the social media platform’s stringent nudity rules by covering her nipples with the candy and money emojis and the phrase “went from sweets to money”.

Large satin briefs were worn on top of a tight-fitting gold corset that constricted Madonna’s waist to complete her racy ensemble.

She finished off her ensemble with fishnet stockings and displayed her stunning makeup palette while letting her long hair fall down to her chest.

The explicit photos appeared to be related to her fifth studio album, Erotica, which was released in October 1992, and its 30th anniversary.

Madonna has been startling her followers on social media lately, notably with a message that claimed she was “gay.”

The celebrity uploaded a strange 10-second video to TikTok in which she appears to emerge and starts flinging underwear over her home.

The video showing Madonna tossing a pair of pink underwear at a trash can with the caption “If I miss, I’m gay” shows her missing.

More than 16.7 million people watched it, and its fans left about 15,000 perplexed comments.

Many of her followers have been alarmed by her constantly shifting appearance, as shown in the TikTok film, and have dubbed her “unrecognisable.”

madonna topeless photo

Even one of the loveliest ladies on television, Lorraine Kelly, criticized her looks on an ITV program episode.

Is that really Madonna, she asked? She escapes my recognition! What has she done, really? She was stunning. Why do women harm themselves in this way?

“She doesn’t appear like she has any features; she looks like a cooked egg.” I dislike her because I genuinely like her.

In a different song video, Madonna shocked her fans by simulating a sexual act with a female rapper.

Last month, the pop singer and Dominican rapper and producer of pornographic content Tokischa jointly launched their new single, “Hung Up on Tokischa.”

In the music video for the song, she could be seen sporting a form-fitting black corset and velvet red shorts while frightening her audience by imitating sex activities.


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