Goodbye Truecaller! Google will give alert of spam calls, know how it will work

google truecaller

Google Truecaller: Google is soon going to introduce a service in which users will be alerted for spam calls. After this, maybe the need for Truecaller will end. Learn about this feature.

In the long run, Truecaller won’t be necessary. Let us explain why we are making this statement now. Actually, Google has stated that it will be making a significant choice in the near future concerning spam calls. Through Google Voice, the business will alert customers when such calls are coming in. The firm will be assisted by the AI system in this regard.

This new feature will alert customers about spam calls through a flashing red light or a recorded audio message. Please let the public know that a report has brought this to light. With this new Google method, one must wonder if the Truecaller software will still be necessary in the future. There is currently no known information about this.

Google will prompt users about spam calls

A spam call will trigger a warning to appear on your phone’s screen. You’ll be able to prepare for such an event in advance. You’ll be notified in advance of any incoming calls, allowing you to ignore them. To add insult to injury, you may also spam tag that call. It’s for this reason that if another user receives a call from the same number, he’ll know to immediately disregard it.

These sorts of calls can be automatically filtered out thanks to Google Voice. Allows call recipients to see the calling number before picking up the phone. However, many people answer these calls in the hopes of gleaning some helpful information. A similar option is to disable the filter that prevents unwanted calls. To do so, they should go into the settings and disable the spam call filter enabled by default. Please let them know that only a select number of nations currently have access to this feature.


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