Bengals player Joe Mixon surrounded by police after shooting: Did player involved?

Joe Mixon surrounded by police

Joe Mixon surrounded by police: The residence of Joe Mixon, a star running back for the Cincinnati Bengals, has been cordoned off by the police following allegations of a shooting.

Mixon calls Anderson Township, which is located in Ohio, home. On Monday night, there were reports of gunfire in the area, which prompted the local authorities to respond.

Was Joe Mixon involved in a shooting?

According to WCPO’s reporting, the only piece of information that the police have disclosed so far is that a younger male has been taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

According to others who were there at the crime scene, the officers could be heard saying “if you’re inside, come on out.”

There are a lot of things about what happened that we still don’t know, including how many shots were fired or exactly what kind of injuries the individual who is currently in the hospital had.

Shelonda Mixon, Mixon’s sister, has confirmed to WLWT that her brother was not a participant in the shooting that took place.

Since then, law enforcement officials have departed the scene, and there have been no arrests made.

The previous alleged incident involving Joe Mixon and a gun?

Mixon has been involved with the law and controversy on other occasions in 2023, so this is not the first time he has been in this position.

An arrest warrant was filed for the Bengals running back early in the month of February 2023 after it was reported that he had pointed a gun at a woman in the downtown area of Cincinnati.

On January 21, it was alleged that Mixon brandished a gun at a woman, and WCPO’s Evan Millward was able to get a warrant that stated these allegations.

According to the allegations made against him, he told her, “You should be popped in the face, I should shoot you, the police [can’t] catch me.”

The allegations that had been brought against Mixon were eventually dropped by a county court, and the arrest warrant that had been issued for him was revoked.

It is currently unknown whether or not these two occurrences are in any way connected to one another.

Mixon was born in the state of California and has been a member of the Bengals organization ever since he began his career in the NFL in 2017.

Running back who finished the previous season with 814 yards under his belt, he has emerged as an important cog in the successful Bengals machine.


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