Michigan and Michigan State players fight; police, Big Ten investigating

Michigan State football Fight

Michigan State football fight Multiple Michigan State players assaulted and kicked a Michigan player after the Wolverines’ 29-7 win Saturday in Ann Arbor.

U-M sports director Warde Manuel says police are investigating after seeing the footage. U-M Deputy Police Chief Melissa Overton said an investigation is ongoing with MSU Police and the football team.

Manuel responded, “Let them decide.” “We shouldn’t act like this after a game.” They shouldn’t have grabbed a player like that. It’s inexcusable.”

After MSU sideline crew shouted at referees as they left the tunnel for a side corridor, a scuffle ensued. At least three Spartans battled with U-Ja’Den M’s McBurrows after the final bell. Young kicked the player while he was on the ground.

Michigan State football fight

Jayden Reed, Tyrell Henry, and Daniel Barker, who were nearby, were forced down a corridor while three reporters watched and videotaped. MSU teammates tried to drag the U-M player away from them. As the first brawl died down, a police officer in the corridor sought to restrain Brown.

As it did, Michigan’s players began coming up the tunnel after McBurrows fled the pile and withdrew to the east grandstand walkway. As coaches tried to drag players out of the tunnel and into their locker rooms, both teams yelled and swore at each other.

Unknown whether others were involved in the fight before the hallway.

MSU coach Mel Tucker said, “I don’t know.”

Tucker heard players fighting. “I knew it was intense. Heated discussion. We wanted our players in the locker room. What happened?

Tucker didn’t tell his crew once they arrived.

“I have nothing to say,” he said. Why? I don’t know. We’ll solve it.”

Michigan State football fight

Social media afterwards showed a supporter stroking Tucker’s head as he headed up the tunnel. Third-year MSU coach smacked man’s hand away, then reached back up as 3-second video finished.

Jim Harbaugh termed his postgame message to his squad “strange” following the victory and melee.

He answered, “We were addressing it.” “Everyone wants to defend their athletes. Ten-on-one was bad.”

Harbaugh said, “I’m sad that occurred to two of our guys,” although it’s unclear who he meant and if it was a different event. Reporters only filmed McBurrows, but another video showed U-M cornerback Gemon Green going through MSU players.

Kevin Warren, Big Ten commissioner, was there. After the game, the conference said: “The Big Ten Conference is aware of an incident tonight involving Michigan State and Michigan players. The conference is collecting data, will examine it, and take action.”

Manuel: “We’ll let Big Ten and police handle it.” “But this isn’t a rivalry. It shouldn’t be remembered that way.

On the field, we won. Harbaugh’s squad won. Unacceptable. So long. From now on, Kevin and the police will handle it.

Manuel wouldn’t name the Michigan player but pointed to the video.

Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller released a statement at 1 a.m. Sunday concerning the event. We’ll work with the conference administration to get further information.”


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