Miley Cyrus Endless Summer Vacation: Miley Cyrus’s Raw Duet with Brandi Carlile

miley cyrus endless summer vacation

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Miley Cyrus featuring Brandi Carlile, ‘Thousand Miles’

On Miley Cyrus’s latest album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” comes this earthy, down-to-earth duet with Brandi Carlile, a polished roots-rock yowler. They both have the range to pull off big vocal moments, but Carlile is reining it in a bit here so Cyrus can have her moment of reflection in this song about disappointment: “I’m not always right/but yet I ain’t got time for what went wrong.” Post-Disney, Cyrus has experimented with sexual disobedience, hippie experimentalism, and other sorts of adulthood in her performance style. She is most beautiful, though, when she shows restraint.

Thousand Miles · Miley Cyrus · Brandi Carlile Endless Summer Vacation

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