Samsung AI Smart Watch: Samsung also brings AI to its smart watches: One UI 6 Watch will analyze the user’s health much better

Samsung AI Smart Watch
Samsung AI Smart Watch: Samsung also brings AI to its smart watches: One UI 6 Watch will analyze the user's health much better

Samsung AI Smart Watch: In conjunction with Samsung Health, the arrival of Galaxy AI will provide better analysis of all the data collected by Samsung watches.

Samsung AI Smart Watch: Leaks have been coming about the Korean manufacturer’s upcoming smartwatches and there is a lot of interest in the inclusion of a possible ultra model. What is known now is that Galaxy AI will be one of the protagonists of the next Galaxy Watch to improve its health functions.

Galaxy AI has been a resounding success for Samsung and has gone from being almost exclusive to the new Galaxy S24 series launched in January of this year to being present in all of the Korean manufacturer’s flagships in the last three years. An opportunity that you do not want to miss on your watches and thus use artificial intelligence for data analysis and other experiences.

Combining Galaxy AI with Samsung Health will result in one of the best ways to advance in improving health and training appropriately to improve marks or simply face daily life with a healthy and balanced body in its physical aspects.

One of those innovations will be energy scores based on personal health metrics such as average sleep time, consistency of sleep times and when going to bed and waking up, sleep schedule, previous day’s activity, heart rate during hours of sleep and heart rate variability.

With the use of artificial intelligence, health metrics will be improved so that they are more accurate with improved health algorithms as well as the tools that collect each data from the person’s daily life. In fact, in the next update with Galaxy AI, Samsung will improve the sleep algorithm to provide extra data about the user’s rest.

Samsung AI Smart Watch The in-depth analysis

It will offer new metrics such as movement during rest, latency, heart rate and respiratory rate; as well as hours of snoring, blood oxygen level and sleep cycle. The same happens with innovations for users who practice sports daily and want to improve their brands.

The new functions will show intelligent measurements of the user’s physical capacity to optimize training in a personalized way. In this way, Galaxy AI with Samsung Health will provide the value that can also be found in specialized equipment in different sports practices.

Aside from the five running intensity levels of the Personalized Health Ratio Zone, these two new metrics will be of great importance:

Aerobic Threshold (AT) and Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) of the Heart Rate Zone for efficient running when analyzing performance.
Riders will be able to calculate Functional Threshold Power (FTP) metrics in 10 minutes.
Other novelties will be the new training routine to combine different exercises in a personalized exercise session and race, which is responsible for comparing current performance with the previous record on the same route.

Now, the new Galaxy AI in Samsung Health will be available in the upcoming Galaxy Watch series with One UI 6 Watch later this year. Of course, you can participate in the beta in advance starting in June.


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