The Lumina Desk Includes an Embedded 24-Inch OLED Display


The Lumina Desk – The days of only investing in ergonomic seats for your working space may soon be over. The ideal location to sit down after a hard day of labour is no longer a piece of plywood supported by two saw horses. Desks are now jammed with useful technology, such as their own operating systems and 24-inch OLED panels loaded with applications.

The Lumina Desk is a motorised standing workstation with a respectable 24-inch OLED buried just below the desk’s surface, bringing us one step closer to the inevitable future where displays are everywhere we look. When not in use, it is absolutely undetectable and less obtrusive than a monitor on top of the desk.

The Lumina Desk
Image: Lumina

The 24-inch OLED panel, like the 12.6-inch touchscreen on the Ficihp keyboard we saw yesterday, is big enough to be utilised as a supplementary display for a laptop or a PC. The built-in display on the desk, however, is not intended for that. The desk actually has its own operating system, dubbed Lumina OS, which drives a number of built-in applications that let users view their Twitter feeds, Google Calendars, and even Slack discussions. The desk’s display can be customised using a Windows- and Mac-compatible programme, and the business will offer an SDK so that third-party apps can be made for it. It is not a touchscreen, though, and passively displays information through these apps, unlike the Ficihp keyboard. It is assumed that you would want to prevent accidental clicks from occurring on your keyboard and coffee cups.

With six powered USB-C ports, six power outlets concealed inside a roomy storage compartment that can be used to keep cables out of sight, and two wireless charging pads that are also concealed and integrated into the surface of the desk, the workstation is made to accommodate your other technology as well. Even more health-conscious features will be included, such as timers that keep track of how long you’ve been sitting or standing, alerts to take periodic breaks, and the ability to schedule when the desk will switch from a sitting to a standing position. Hopefully, this feature can be quickly overridden if you’re in the middle of a video call when it starts to happen.

The price of the Lumina desk is the only thing that is still unknown. Although official pre-orders are not yet accessible, interested parties can register for alerts on Lumina’s website as manufacturing gets near. That basically suggests the the Lumina Desk will be a significant investment, similar to that Herman Miller chair you splurged on to support your back. Add a 24-inch OLED screen to the mix, and you’ll likely be spending more for this workstation than your smartphone or laptop. Even Ikea’s motorised standing desks cost half a thousand.

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