At Miss Lily's 7A Cafe, comedian Trevor Noah and singer Dua Lipa exchange kisses and hugs.

 Dua Lipa  Trevor Noah dating?

The pair was dressed casually and seated in a private area of the restaurant.

Dua Lipa, 27, and Noah, 38, have previously remained silent about their dating relationships.

Some claim that the two first met at the 2022 Grammys, which Noah hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Anwar Hadid, the brother of Bella and Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa dated each other from 2019 to December 2021.

On Thursday's episode, Noah revealed his plan to leave The Daily Show at the end of the year.

The comedian will have more free time to devote to his personal life and other business endeavours.

Noah has been the host of the comedy news programme since 2015.

Jon Stewart left the show after more than 15 years in the big chair