On Monday, Cardi B and Akbar V had a contentious online conversation that contained several charges.

Like Cardi, Akbar originally gained widespread recognition while appearing on the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop.

By allegedly criticising the popularity of Cardi's recent remix single with Glorilla, "Tomorrow 2," which was released last week, Akbar seems to have sparked the fight.

She tweeted a succession of times with the message "Count all the times chart data posted u." "The games on the internet aren't exactly my thing. The streets are open, as well as my dms!"

My children will now watch this once more @iamcardib You are dead wrong for posting that pornographic material about me once more.

At one point, Cardi admitted to having spoken with Akbar directly and accused her online adversary of making the argument public on Twitter.

By Monday afternoon, the argument had ended after Cardi tweeted a quotation from Akbar with the tagline, "I'm from The Bronx.

In her final tweet, Cardi included a clip of herself talking about the song "Tomorrow 2" in a car.

In the video, Cardi is heard reciting a sentence from Akbar's allegedly leaked tape: "Tell me you love me." Say, "Bardi gang, tell me you love me."