The Biden administration is proposing to require at least 54% of new vehicles to be electric by 2030 and two-thirds by 2032.

The proposed regulation would set stricter emissions limits for passenger vehicles than the auto industry agreed to in 2021.

EPA will offer a range of options after public comment period, with final regulation not expected until next year.

The auto industry has pledged to make EVs half of U.S. new car sales by 2030.

Biden's executive order set a target for half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 to be zero-emissions.

Biden wants automakers to increase gas mileage and reduce tailpipe pollution to meet his pledge to cut emissions by 2030.

EV sales are growing, but still far from the administration's targets.

EPA is developing standards to transition to a zero-emissions transportation future, protecting people and the planet.

The auto industry needs to sell more EVs to meet the requirements, but is instead investing in developing new ones to dominate the industry.

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