The WarGames will be a part of the Survivor Series in November, according to Triple H, alias Paul Levesque, who is currently the chief content officer for WWE.

This match idea will be utilised in a WWE main roster event for the first time ever.

The Game also highlighted potential risks the facility poses to athletes and how those risks will be handled.

This was revived in 2017 at NXT, and numerous competitions used this format in the years that followed.

According to Triple H, "I don't think we need to take action," as quoted by "WrestlingINC."

Without deliberately making it riskier, what we do is already harmful enough. Triple H continued by explaining

But because the WarGames are so significant, viewers will carry their memory of the event with them after the broadcast. It will be a unique experience.

Logan Paul has earned Triple H's respect, he declared at a recent WWE press conference in Las Vegas for Crown Jewel.

He completely blew me away when I first saw him in the ring. When I saw him do it again, I was astounded.