WhatsApp Channels : Do you know how to create new channels on WhatsApp? Many more privacy features..!

How to Create WhatsApp Channels
WhatsApp Channels : Do you know how to create new channels on WhatsApp? Many more privacy features..!

How to Create WhatsApp Channels: WhatsApp is introducing interesting features for its users. It has brought a new feature called New Channels. Now let’s know how to create these channels..

WhatsApp Channels: Popular messaging app WhatsApp is introducing new features. The latest feature is Channels. This channel feature is available in 149 countries besides Indian users. This feature works like an Instagram channel. It helps users reach a larger audience without compromising their privacy.

Now let’s see how to create a channel on your WhatsApp.. Channels admins can send text, photos, videos, stickers, polls. Channels can be seen in a new tab called Updates in WhatsApp. You can find the status, channels under the options you choose to follow. Your chats with family, friends and communities can be viewed separately.

How to create own WhatsApp channel? :

WhatsApp app should be updated. Then users will see the New Channels option in the primary window or in the Updates tab. One can create a channel on WhatsApp by tapping on the ‘+’ icon to the right of the channel option. After you tap on it the app will give you the option to create a channel. You can also add a name and photo to it. Note that for now, there is no limit on the number of channels you can create.

WhatsApp Channels.. Privacy Features:

If you are a channel admin.. your phone number, profile photo will not be visible to followers. Similarly, following a channel will not reveal your phone number to admins or other followers. According to WhatsApp, who you decide to follow is your choice. It is private. The company believes there is no point in storing channel updates forever. Hence, WhatsApp stores channel history on servers only for 30 days.

What are admins allowed to post on WhatsApp channels?

Admins are allowed to post photos, text messages, links or anything else on a public channel. They also have the option to block screenshots and forwards from their channel. Followers are not allowed to reply or send messages on a public channel. But, any post can be responded with an emoji.

Admins are allowed to decide whether or not they want their channel to appear in the Who Follows Directory. Channels aim to reach a wider audience. The company clarified that WhatsApp channels will be encrypted by default.


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