Gemini Google: Google re-branded its product BARD with the launch of a new app, now recognized as Gemini.

Gemini Google
Gemini Google: Google re-branded its product BARD with the launch of a new app, now recognized as Gemini.

Gemini Google: Google made a big announcement on Thursday regarding its brand BARD, the company has re-branded BARD and named it Gemini. This is an AI chatbot and assistant. Read full details further

Google on Thursday announced the re-brand of its AI tool BARD. This is an artificial intelligence chatbot and assistant of Google. The company has launched it with a new app and subscription. This brand, which is a direct competitor to ChatGPT’s Open AI, will be known as Gemini. The company said that this is also the name of the suite of AI models that power the chatbot.

Along with this, Google has also told the customers how to run this new AI tool. Starting Thursday, Android users can download a new dedicated app for Gemini, and iPhone users can use Gemini in the Google app on iOS.

This re-branding of Google, launch of new app and working on AI assistants or agents point towards the company’s commitment. Terms like AI assistants or agents are often used to describe chatbots, coding assistants and other productivity tools.

In the earnings calls held on January 30, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai had given information about the company’s commitment regarding AI. Pichai said that he wants to offer an AI agent that will help in making the work of users as easy as possible, including Google search. He further said that there are still “many executions left to do.” Similarly, CEOs of other large companies such as Microsoft and Amazon also emphasized their commitment to using AI agents as productivity tools.

What work will Google Gemini do?

Cissy Hsiao, Google’s vice president and general manager of Google Assistant and BARD, said Wednesday that “Google’s changes to Gemini are the first step toward building out an AI assistant.”

Google on Thursday announced a new AI membership option for power users. This is for those users who want to use Google’s most powerful AI model Gemini Ultra 1.0. According to the company, to use the services of Google One, users will have to pay $ 19.99 per month. For existing Google One customers, that price includes the other storage plans they’re already paying for. Free tile is also available from Google for 2 months.

Present in how many countries?

After the rollout, Google’s Gemini is now available for users in more than 150 countries and regions. But till now its language is limited to English. Google plans to soon include other languages along with Japanese and Korean.

Bard’s rebranding also affects Duet AI, Google’s old name for “packaged AI agents” available in Google Workspace and Google Cloud. The company launched this product to increase productivity and ease the work of client companies including Wayfair, GE, Spotify and Pfizer. The tool will now be known as Gemini for Workspace and Google Cloud.

Google officials said that users who have a subscription to Google One AI will also be able to use Gemini Assistant in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet.

What work will AI do?

AI agents can schedule a group hangout by scanning everyone’s calendars to ensure there are no conflicts. With its help, tasks like booking travel and activities, buying gifts for loved ones or outbound sales can also be done. However, currently other AI tools, including Gemini, are largely limited to tasks like summarizing, creating to-do lists, or helping in writing code.


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