Microsoft Copilot’s Android app launched, you will get the fun of GPT-4 for free, know the details

Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Copilot's Android app launched, you will get the fun of GPT-4 for free, know the details

Microsoft Copilot: Microsoft has launched Copilot app for Android users. This app gives you free access to GPT-4. The company had announced the rebranding of Bing Chat as Copilot about a month ago. This app is completely free and you will not need a Microsoft account to use it.

Microsoft Copilot works on the latest OpenAI models GPT-4 and Dall-E3. You can download it for free from Google Play Store. Let us know the special features of Microsoft’s Copilot.

How can you use it?

Microsoft CoPilot app is free for Android users. You can download it from Google Play Store. This works as a solution to all your questions. You can chat, ask questions or create photos on this app.

You can do all this with the help of GPT-4 and DALL-E 3. Both generative AI models provide you with all these features. The best thing is that you can use it for free. Where earlier you had to pay for the services of GPT-4. Here you will get it completely free.

If you want to access GPT 4 on ChatGPT’s app, you have to purchase a subscription. You will get this service free on Copilot. Microsoft has provided a toggle, with the help of which you can easily enable or disable GPT-4.

You can use this app for many reasons. With its help you can also create photos. However, to create photos you will have to login. With its help, you can create background, book illustration, film visualization and even video storyboard.


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