Beauty YouTuber Jessica Pettway dies after a bad diagnosis

Jessica Pettway
Beauty YouTuber Jessica Pettway dies after a bad diagnosis

Beauty YouTuber Jessica Pettway died at age 36, after being diagnosed nine months ago with stage 3 cervical cancer.

The news was shared by her sister Reyni de ella, who expressed her pain on social networks, revealing the deep sadness that she overwhelms her family. On a day that should have been a celebration of her birthday, Reyni expressed her desire to have her sister back, describing the pain she feels in her heart.

Jessica’s cancer diagnosis, who had more than 16 million views on YouTube, shared in July 2023 on Instagram, revealed a tragic series of events that began with a misdiagnosis of uterine fibroids.

Her brave testimony sought not only to share her own experience, but also to raise awareness and support for other women who might face similar situations.

The months leading up to her diagnosis were difficult for Jessica, with alarming symptoms such as heavy vaginal bleeding, extreme fatigue and weakness.

The tragedy reached its peak when her husband found her unconscious and not breathing in the bathroom in July 2022, an episode that marked the beginning of a painful battle against the disease.

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