“I am alive because of the Apple Watch”: the story of a woman who avoided death thanks to her watch

Woman saved by apple watch
“I am alive because of the Apple Watch”: the story of a woman who avoided death thanks to her watch

Woman saved by apple watch: A warning from the device allowed him to diagnose diabetes in time. “If I had waited a few days, I probably wouldn’t be here,” she said.

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The case of Judith Luebke, a woman living in Oklahoma, United States, confirms how relevant early detection of health anomalies is, courtesy of certain wearable devices. According to what the woman told the site 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch literally saved her life by indicating on the screen that she was suffering from an arrhythmia. “Without that notice, she probably wouldn’t be here,” she said.

The Apple Watch saves the life of a woman who was unaware of her diabetic condition

Luebke mentioned that her case occurred in 2021, and that now she has decided to tell it, on the eve of World Diabetes Day, which will be next Tuesday, November 14. Although Apple’s smartwatch is not capable of detecting this disease directly – it does not have a system to measure blood glucose – the device indicated that the woman was suffering from an arrhythmia. That prompted a consultation, where she was detected with critically high levels of sugar.

Her story began one weekday morning, when an abnormal heart rhythm alert appeared on the screen of her watch. She believed that this alteration was due to the stress that she was going through at the time, after the recent death of a loved one. “I spoke to my boss and told him that I had a meeting and that after that I would visit the doctor. I even thought it could wait until the weekend,” Ella Luebke recalled. However, he convinced her not to ignore the Apple Watch alert and go immediately to the appointment. At the hospital, she learned about her diabetes.

“If she had waited until the weekend, she probably wouldn’t have survived,” she said. “I just thought with everything that was going on I didn’t feel good,” she said. Shannon, Judith’s daughter, told the aforementioned publication: “If it had not been for the watch and the people in her life, my mother would not have come to the consultation.”

Wearables increasingly focus on health measurements

Apple’s product is one of the emblems in the category of wearable devices, which over the years have focused more on measurements of health variables than on pure aesthetics. In fact, the Cupertino company’s watch has a long history of “salvages.” We are talking about cases like Luebke’s, in which the device’s warnings allowed early diagnoses and timely treatments.

The manufacturer of the bitten apple is aware of the relevance of these functions. Looking ahead to 2024, when the Watches will celebrate their tenth year on the market, the company is expected to add more sensors to review users’ health and physical activity parameters. Recent reports mentioned that Apple would include a glucose meter in the watch, as well as sensors to measure blood pressure and detect sleep apneas.


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