New iPhone facing problems due to Instagram and other apps, bug in iOS 17 too..

iPhone 15 Pro overheating
New iPhone facing problems due to Instagram and other apps, bug in iOS 17 too..

Apple has attributed the overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro to third party apps. The company said that the phones are getting heated due to the latest updates of apps like Instagram and Asphalt 9. Let us know the details.

Apple has acknowledged the heating problem faced by the iPhone 15 Pro. The company told Forbes that new iPhones are getting hotter than expected a few days after being setup or restored. According to the company, the phone is heating up due to increased background activity. Along with this, the company said that third party apps like Instagram, Uber, Asphalt 9 also cause overheating of the new iPhones. According to Forbes report, Instagram rolled out an update on September 27 to eliminate the heating issue. At the same time, Apple is also working with other apps to eliminate the heating issue.

Bug found in iOS 17 also

It is being told that the latest updates of some third party apps are overheating the iPhones. The company further said that it has also found a bug in iOS 17, which is causing problems in some users’ devices. The company will fix this through software update. It is expected that this update will be rolled out soon.

Difficult to hold phone in hand

The company had launched iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in the market just a few weeks ago. Both these iPhones come with the new titanium build quality and A17 Pro chipset. Despite great features and build quality, users started facing overheating problems in the Pro variants of the new iPhones. Some users even said that due to the heat, it became difficult to hold the phone in hand.

Thermal system design errors

A few days ago, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a post on Medium that the reason for the heating of the iPhone 15 Pro is not the TSMC 3nm process of the new A17 Pro chipset. According to Apple analysts, the company has compromised with the thermal system design to keep the iPhone 15 Pro light weight and that is why the phones are overheating.


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